Unlike much of the Aussie population I dont download TV of films and with Game of Thrones not being suitable (at all) for the kids I have been rather behind. I just caught up to the end of season 3 and George R R Martin’s character slaying continues. True there are many characters and I did spend plenty of time nervously watching as at any moment another beloved character might bite the dust in some horrific way. Is it too much though? Will I stop liking characters as that will only mean more pain later when they fall??

The production values are astonishing for a TV series and the epic scope of events unfolding is breathtaking – truly a step above the pack. I would probably be terrible at GoT trivia as there are so many characters and so many names I am sure I am only keeping track of a small number of them. The story paints a bleak picture of the human condition on so many levels with honour, kindness, respect and compassion hard to find in this hard and violent world.

Here are the trailers for the first 4 seasons:

I am definitely looking forward to Season 4 as I have been inspired, shocked, troubles, scared, uplifted and more by the first 3.

We have the Games of Thrones board game in the group but this epic piece of nasty gaming hasnt hit our table yet – who knows maybe soon we will fill a gameday with backstabbing and more. Check the Shut Up and Sit Down Review for their (always amusing) take on the Fantasy Flight game.