After giving a whirlwind into to 3D Printing at the UNSW ALL_IT Event on Friday I thought I would do a little post here on some groovy people using 3D Printing to do the most amazing things. This will be far from exhaustive, just intended to be a nice collection of a few videos and images to help inspire people to look deeper and check out 3D printing – the technology really is a step change in how we create physical objects – the revolution approacheth…

One of the coolest people at the vanguard of the technology and its use is Neri Oxman. She is currently at the MIT Media Lab and had been creating innovative 3D print research and her bio from MIT certainly has a nice academic feel to it.

But lets not stop with Neri, have a look at these snippets that might interest you:

3D Printed lamp by Gassling

Splash Lamp by Desmond Chan

Oh and if you want a quick intro to 3D Printing you could just watch a TED talk like this one: