The Toy and Game Expo was a new event for me and I had very little idea what to expect, was hoping for games and it certainly didn’t disappoint. I can only imagine that a giant games convention of some sort would be truly amazing but I surprised myself how forward I was about getting in and talking to gamers, playing games and chatting with boardgame developers.

(a few pics of the fun, view from the mez, my outlaws and some of my new xwing set)

Things I tried (have I forgotten something major?):

Monstrous, an Aussie made game that is in final development was great fun. Even without all the final artwork it looks stunning. The creator seemed to enjoy bringing 3 people and explaining things in very short order, in a few minutes we were Greek gods hurling mythical creatures down onto the world battling each other and frightening the humans to worship us more. The game did a great job of imparting that feeling that we were gods looking down on the world, the physical mechanic of actually tossing the cards onto the table enhanced that even more for me. At the end of a quick game where there were lots of wayward monsters I walked away with the most faith gained – VICTORY!
Good stuff Kim Brebach! A really clever game that I hope finds its way to kickstarter very soon. I havent playtested many games before, but I would have bought this game right there and then if it was ready…
(closest thing to a link to the game I can find: Monstrous)

I tried a quick game of Dead Mans Hand a wild west miniatures skirmish game with a nice card mechanic that really sped things up. It looked cool with the nice miniatures and a table decked out like an old town.

I had a really fun game of a light version of the X-Wing miniatures game. I had been meaning to try this for ages, even before x-wing with the WW1 version. I had my single rookie x-wing pilot and the two scary tie fighters just kept coming peppering me with lascannon fire. My little rookie was up to the task though, coming through against all the odds to blow the evil empire out of the skies. The force was with him as I rolled just so so so many dodges on those dice. I had such fun with that little venture that I find myself the owner of the base game and quite a few other bits already.

With Evren, Segah and Joey we played Saboteur and it was a really nice mix of secret roles, quick gameplay and thematic fun. The game was a little awkward, but with all the positive reviews I was hearing for Saboteur 2 – I now seem to own that as well.

Chess, no didnt play any chess, but watching a grandmaster circle his little ring of games playing a slew of people all at once was pretty cool. The Settlers of Catan competition looked a bit too serious actually, so we just peered in for a bit through the glass.

There was a heap of other stuff there for kids and enough shops to make the wallet hurt and as with Supanova, just a great bunch of people all of which like games and hanging with or chatting to other gamers (if they arent playing).

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