I am a fan of David Petersen‘s Mouse Guard, love the comics. That was the primary driver when I grabbed the box set for the Mouse Guard roleplaying game. I have read the rules a couple of times and it just didnt click for me how this variation of The Burning Wheel would actually work as a game. Now that I have played Tremulus and other light story-centric games I think I may be ready to read it again 🙂

I note that David Petersen and Luke Crane are working on a second edition of the game, though I am not sure what the differences will be apart from some groovy new art. David has a few blog posts (1 and 2) already showing how he created cover art for various editions.

The other reason for this post is that Luke and David also have a kickstarter for their little board game Swords and Strongholds. The game can be seen in the pages of the comic here and there and looks like an interesting little thing. I wish the international postage was less – wouldnt have been able to resist. Check the kickstarter entry for pics of the prototype and more.