Hearthstone – Heroes of Warcraft! It is time I gave a little nod to Blizzard for taking the Magic the Gathering cardplay concept and tuning it for a quick online gaming experience. They have taken so much of the World of Warcraft thematics, characters, events and styling to make the game appeal to anyone who played WoW (or Warcraft for that matter).

How good is that trailer, they did a superb job of creating something dynamic while also keeping thing relatively static at the same time like the artwork on the cards.

Blizzard have real talent for making games that immediately become dominant in their category and to only have epic games in their stable. I dont know the stats, but I bet alot of Twitch-time is now Hearthstone – actually looking right now League of Legends still utterly dominates, but Hearthstone is a credible second 🙂

Anyhow, you can get in and play to see how the game works, but be sure to admire the artwork. BLizzard should put it all up somewhere in a gallery for us. In the meantime, here is a set on UnrealityMag and a fwe of them included right here:

So I played for a bit, actually quite enjoyed the whole concept and having the computer handle some aspects of the card game for me and bringing the sound effects etc to the experience. It feels like a very adversarial solo experience for me though, which isnt my favourite gametype at the moment. I may get back to this, but full marks for Blizzard for Hearthstone…

Jobs Done.