Team Vanquish: Assemble – our 4 heroic characters began their superheroic adventures using FATE Core last night. Woken up early by a frantic call for help from the grandson of Australia’s most beloved Golden Age hero Croc Dundee – we head to their mansion. There is evidence everywhere of quite a party having taken place overnight, Jerome is panicking about the mess and ‘the body’ that turns out to be a girl who is lying on the Croc’s famous couch seemingly dead. She is a mystery though as she doesnt seem to be fully dead and over time we work out that her body is defending itself with electricity and she doesnt appear in any PowerBook entries despite The Conductor trying pretty hard to work out who our Jane Doe is.

S.E.N.S.E. copters start arriving and Special Agent Catherine Silver tries to take control of the situation (after Steve delayed them outside) – but Seraph stood up to her using her reputation, family status and some help from The Conductor highlighting the conflict through social media. Seraph wont let Silver take the girl and Valkyrie finds out they are here on an Asset Recovery mission. Silver eventually backs down and we wait for the police. The nervous tension is broken by the attack on the mansion by Dr Von Bat’s Bat-allion troopers tunneling their way in with their mech-like W.O.M.B.A.T. suits.

Steve is filming in the trophy room where one of the attacks surfaces defending the spot with quickly erected blocky walls using all of his minecrafty powers. Seraph and Val both swoop down to engage the enemy with steel, stun gun and fire quickly overcoming their opposition. Meanwhile the Conductor levitated himself and the couch (including the girl) out the second story window to protect her from the growing number of threats. Agent Silver wasnt going to stand for this and after a failed attack with her stun gun she leapt out at the couch through the window. ‘My couch’ says the conductor as he shifts it enough so she falls, he catches her in mid air though. He then places her precariously atop the giant phallic ice sculpture in the fountain at the main entry (left there by Frosty during the party) to wait for everything to calm down and the authorities to arrive (that should be embarrassing enough).

Steve and Seraph stay back to smooth things over with the detective and show off to the press while The Conductor wafts away with the couch intending to lay low with Val  as they try to solve the mystery of the girl.

There were plenty of smaller pieces of fun – the run ins with the Wizard Detective were awesome and some of the little details borne out by the mechanics of aspects and such were beautiful.
I am still confused by some of the logics in FATE and I am sure we smoothed over some mechanics to keep things moving. I liked how special each of our characters feel, they not only feel cool in our game world but have things about them that make them fascinating full stop. Seeing these character ideas fleshing out through the play is lots of fun and keeps me engaged, whichever hero the spotlight is on at any particular point.