I am finding it tricky to get The Conductor’s expression to show youth, potential mastermind, joyous fanboy and powerful hero all at once. Here is the latest effort including a quick idea for the team VANQUISH logo.

The pic was done as a sketch in Photoshop mimicking pencil, then a few layers for a quick shade, colour and lightning. I really should try and get better at this business – I even resorted to using Liquify to fix the proportions and relationships between a few of the elements.
I am keen to see how the team fares in its next adventure, here is a summary of how I think his FATE character pieces together as an extreme summary:
Shocking Fanboy (High Concept, studies supers and now has electro-magnetic powers)
Destined to be a Supervillain (Trouble, what will he do to fuel superheroes and their conflict)
Powerbook Editor (Elevated access to many parts of powerbook)
Nemesis of Dr Von Bat (They battle via social networks and as heroes)
Benevolent Mastermind (Likes to manipulate events to create his team, organise conflict etc etc)
Great +4: Lore
Good +3: Will, Rapport
Fair +2: Contacts, Deceive, Empathy
Average +1: Investigate, Provoke, Notice, Resources
Others +0: Athletics, Burglary, Crafts, Drive, Fight, Physique, Shoot, Stealth
Use Will to move metallic objects (S), including attack, fly (S) and create a shield or stop metal attacks (S)
Can also create an electrical disturbance (S) to disrupt electronics
Needs to Concentrate
Collateral Damage, ElectroStom – EMP & AOE kinetic and lightning damage (scene)
SE: Inflict Condition: Brain Frazzle, Forced Movement: Hurl things back, up or into a propeller
Factoman (Know the Supers) (S) +2 to lore checks involving Supers to find out their powers, weaknesses, affiliations, motivations and history.
You could be a Doctor (S) Use Lore for first aid, medical diagnosis and anatomy (+2 to checks)
Nigel Goldstein : Child of rich Jewish family, had lots of tutoring as well.
Passion for supers grew into an obsession (even studying supers at uni)
Drew together friends from school to make Team Vanquish