I have been scheming away for the next session of our 13th Age game and I am loving how the story is now revolving around the heroes actions and that the activity is really being derived from the party’s actions. Anyhow, I used just a long random playlist from all the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films in the background last time and that often seemed to be strangely appropriate (wonderful confirmation bias).
The guys had a play with some sound board apps but I just came across Syrinscape and it seems to be a pretty nice attempt at a roleplaying sounscape tool. The free version has 2 sound sets included and I have creepy ravens calling through the spooky music of the Witchwood as I write this. I dont doubt the tool would be more comprehensively useful with more sound sets. I do wonder if there are or will be more one-off sounds so that events that occur can be slotted into the background sounds – integrating a larger soundboard like that would be awesome.

Plus I am about to venture into my first Tremulus game later in the week, I wonder which playbook I will be drawn to, which character will slowly slide into insanity despite my best efforts…
Perhaps this drawing of Hellboy by mighty David Petersen isnt completely related, but it does remind of those times and battling untold horrors: