Well another great weekend of Supanova fun for Sydney, while I didnt get to Friday I managed to fill two days with all manner of panels, Q&As, art, creativity and such. Here are 10 memorable things about my time this year, the particular things that made it so cool.

10. Travel and Queues

The trip out to Olympic park was pretty fun actually as I read more of the Moth Saga by Daniel Arenson. The second day I got in very fast as I had the wristband already, but on he Saturday I was in a truly titanic queue as I wound my way around with all the other eager folk (thankfully it wasnt raining). On of the funniest moments is when we are following along in this long queue checking out all the cool cosplay when our line gets to the end of the building and instead of turning around to head back towards the entrance it takes a right and goes up the side – revealing our queue to be even longer than we thought.
For me this was all part of the fun though.

9. Rose & Celebs

Rose McGowan from Charmed was the first session I went in to see after getting inside the packed halls. Brought back fond memories of watching the series with the whole family and that set us on a path of watching series together. While I didnt sign up for photos or signings with any of the celebrities, I did get to at least lay eyes on the likes of Stan Lee, Grant Imahara, Richard Kiel ans so many more.

8. The Floor

Yes the showroom floor was wonderful, packed with a zillion temptations for your wallet in all directions. I was rather restrained and find myself without any new figurines or cool weapon replicas. I did get a signed sketchbook by Jon Sommariva though (thanks Jon).

7. Blood on Your Hands

I should try and get to more of the novelist panels, this one had 6 fantasy authors all talking about the killing off of main characters and how that can be done well. While I love watching and hearing from the artists at Supanova, writers like these guys are an inspiration in other ways. I loved the session and really liked how they talked about the death of a hero or beloved character should hopefully feel surprising to them as writers so that comes through to the reader.
They were asked lots of questions and I found it interesting how many times Star Wars was referenced (and Stephen King)

6. Catching Friends

I should really try to catch more people as bumping into them accidentally really doesnt work. I did see Sam in a big queue but sought out mighty Marc who was playing in the pinball competitions all weekend (congrats for Sat). I did catchup with Evren and Segah who really pulled it all together with their incredible cosplay effort (I am inspired but even more fearful of the scale of effort needed). Here is Marc with his pinball medal – caught him with a fierce expression (watch out!)

5. So Much Cosplay

The costumes are one of the true delights of the entire event. I probably have a silly smile on my face everywhere I go – marveling at all the cool get-ups people have managed to pull together and then proudly wear. Once day I will find the drive to get something going, but in the meantime here is the wonderful cosplay Segah and Evren pulled off:

4. Artist Alley

I am not sure why more people dont do this, but I love just hanging in Artist Alley watching these comic superstars do their thing. Watching them working on con sketches for people is a real revelation as they go from blank pages through various stages of detail before your eyes. They all seem to be wonderfully friendly people as well, happy to engage with fans of all kinds. This year I spent most of my time watching Alan Davis and Jon Sommariva with a little Paul Ryan and Nicola Scott thrown in.

3. WETA Wonder

Kate Venables from Weta Workshop gave a nice Q&A talk about her work in creating props, weapons, clothes and armour for various characters in the Hobbit series. She was also hanging at the Weta booth with samples and it was fascinating to hear about the sheer scale of operation needed to pull off the films and the craft that goes into every costume element. I wish she would create a costume for me, it would be incredible!
Oh and she was a professional ballet dancer with the NZ Ballet, I am sure my daughter would have asked questions about that!

2. Sexy Lexy

I was apprehensive about seeing the Michael Rosenbaum Q&A as he was surely going to have hair and that is just not right for Lex Luthor. Michael gave one of the best sessions I have ever seen though as he zipped around the audience, created his own interactions and generally livened things up completely. GREAT FUN!

1. Supastar Sketch-Off

Watching the talented artists draw at their tables was one thing, but here we got to see Alan Davis, David Yardin and Paul Ryan each craft an old-school Catwoman in 30 mins as they try to answer questions at the same time. The final results were wonderful, each was very different but all were gorgeous and wonderfully realised in the time. Tips hat!
David used colour copic markers and a paintbrush-like marker over pencil, Paul used ink over pencil and here is a quick shot of Alan Davis’ version using pencil for line and shade,