The current nemesis for our 13th Age campaign heroes is a nasty Lizardman Shaman. In the Pre-game setup he was responsible for the death of the party’s experienced ranger and he still seems to be stirring up trouble through his alliances with Kobolds and the nasty Fanglings that have swarmed into the area.

In the weekend game the Scaled Shaman completed a ritual while the heroes were exploring the ransacked Wood-Elf settlement of Perch, high in the trees to the north of Tearhold Tower. After the vile caster unloaded a thundering lightning bolt straight into the head of the party’s wizard he slammed his jagged dagger lit with electricity into the boulder before him. The electrified maelstrom swirled around, whipping up the forest floor as the stone rose. Their nemesis exited while the now hovering LightningStone moved to engage the party while kobolds harassed them as well.
The animated boulder was zapping heroes and slamming into anything in its path and revealed that the life force used to complete the ritual was that of a young Wood Elf whose body was strapped to the mindless monstrosity. When it explosively shattered from the adventurer’s attacks only two remained standing. They were able to help everyone up except for their Wizard who still lay barely alive and unconscious but now bound to a new familiar, the black elven rat…

Anyhow, here is a pic showing some of the sketches I made for the pawns we used on the table during the combat.