I have been using Photoshop plenty on the SurfacePro2 and apart from the odd issue with a driver it works like a treat. Being able to sketch, colour, edit and manipulate all live there on the screen with the stylus is super and for other work with the mouse on the attached monitor gives me both worlds.

I decided on the weekend to try installing and running some 3D apps instead. Pretty soon I was playing with Sketchup, 3ds Max and Mudbox. I admit I havent loaded up a BIG model in there to make myself suffer, but for the bits and pieces I was working with the little tablet PC was doing a super job. The most interesting was having the stylus power in Mudbox which (if I was any good) would allow for some really nice sculpting. I am pretty impressed that the apps are running so well on the machine and what this means for portable firepower.

Next big experiment might actually be to have serious grunt in the cloud/servers and just stream it all to my device – stay tuned on that front. In the meantime I will see if I can model up a fancy new Escalation die complete with leaves and vines and swirls using Max and Mbox.

ps. Note I grabbed the 3 screenshots in the pic above and pasted them into Photoshop with all 4 of the apps running along with all the other stuff I generally have going!