Over the last few weeks I was treated by two of the latest Marvel film blockbusters in the form of Captain America: the Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man: Rise of Electro. I was inspired enough to watch Cap’s latest outing at a nice big IMAX in 3D and loved it. The characters and their treatment came together in a tight film that delved deeper rather than finding a heap of new villains and heroes from obscure origins. The film brought together big action fun with plenty of thought provoking ideas. I like the way they used Rogers being displaced in time as a way to look at society and the characters around him. The film brought, drama, emotion, fun and more together into a great ride for one and all. On the BIG screen it was a treat and the 3D added to the immersion without being distracting.

Spidey is one of the great superheroes, young intelligent (come back to this in a sec), vulnerable, confused, funny, sarcastic and cheeky. He is an approachable hero, the kind of vigilante we may all dream of being. There is alot to like about all the Spider-man films so far and the latest reboot tightens the world around Oscorp and their experiments. One of the things I was most looking forward to was the webslinger zipping around the city and flying through battles in 3D with the world and debris flying around the cinema. In this we we got a real treat and it was wonderful, but I was a little annoyed that they left the 3D amped up so high for the rest of the film, it was distracting in the other scenes for my money. But I love scenes like the coffee cup bit outside the elevators – wonderful.

Oh and I wanted to mention a conversation we had over lunch the other day where we were talking about how insanely smart Peter is meant to be. I was complaining that we may be meant to see him that way, but as a viewer we are often shown him in relation to a vast array of even smarter people and their inventions and experiments while Peter is a bit of a dropout. With Osborn, Gwen, Octavius, and more all around, how smart does Peter really look 🙂

I do have to give some serious props to the special effects work in both films, extraordinary what we are treated to on the screen now. I really wish I had seen Gravity in 3D at IMAX as well having only just watched it the other day on DVD. It looks built for the format and maybe the simple tale would have been a 3D majestic ballet with all the spinning and graceful motion…

Here’s a vid showing some of the tech going behind the shots of these titanic films to break things down a little for us, in this case for the Winter Soldier and the helicarriers: