Yes, Unity 5 has been officially announced today and it is looking like another good upgrade in terms of the toolset, the visuals and the audials (doubtful that is a real word, but it made sense to put it in that sentence). I have been considering exploring Unity again as viable engine for some of the upcoming projects (personal and work) as Unity 4 is tempting in many ways while being a little uninspiring in others. The interoperability and platform support is superb, how nice would it be if normal users could ramp up the graphics to higher levels if a project called for it.

Anyhow, this post is meant to be about all the snazzy new features in the upcoming (not sure when yet) Unity 5. I really like the fidelity of the character in these images from the Unity5 promo page. The pics show off the lighting, but check the video for all the other goodies.