Ok, following yesterdays lightning sketch and the inspiration, I really needed a better sketch that brought together some of these aspects so I could load it up on the campaign site for us.

So I grabbed a wonderful forest concept sketch by Matt Gasser (I hope he is flattered rather than horrified) and made a few adjustments while sketching and blending in all the tall standing stones. I thought about adding a mysterious figure in the background – maybe that can come later. Our fantasy Stonewood is meant to be a vast area of the continent dominated by the tall trees of the forest standing amongst the rocky outcrops that lend the woodland its name. Next will come some ideas for the towers, the other main feature of the area.

Hmm, it looks strangely lighter and happier than I am seeing in Photoshop – might need to experiment with some more settings… It looks right on the site and in all my other applications, is Blogger doing something odd? When I download from Blogger I get a different result as well.

Let me ‘include’ the file from over on the Google sites page here – see what that does…

There, all dark and creepy as it should be!!