We do love the CryEngine, with the freeSDK we have access to a remarkable amount of software grunt, armed with some nice hardware we can be immersed in some amazing worlds and experiences. I would live to have the time to learn the craft of building a scene as wonderful as the stuff we can see in the videos below. The first two vids here are brand new, showcasing the work of licensees and freeSDK users of the engine. The third vid is showing off the technology instead and it is wonderful, look at that rain, gorgeous.

But since we are here drooling over the talents of engine makers and digital artists alike, lets highlight a few other projects. It would be great if CryTek marketed their engine better at visulisation, just look at the realism and the beauty that Hristo Petrov brought to this Architectural project (polycount thread):

PLUS – Crytek have just announced their new Engine as a Service model/program (EaaS).