It is scary that I have fond memories of my Unity3D projects – yes fond memories. That means I haven’t done anything with the toolset for several thousand years now, even Lord Elrond is struggling to recall – that is where the ‘scary’ part fits in. I like the Unity Showcase Gallery page – so many interesting things being done by so many talented people. I had been experimenting with using the CryEngine as a way to build the animations for the Maiden of the Loch game, but perhaps Unity would be a worthy contender.

Anyhow, one of the projects on the site is a nifty piece of architectural visualisation by Nvyve who crafted an interactive view of some Nuovo Condominiums with all the context of Ottawa as well. I would have liked to see some details on how this was done, how they created the detail level and all the interface elements, but I will have to be content with the video. While that is very groovy, I would love to be able to download the experience and actually enjoy the interactivity myself – hint – hint –

I am not sure what technologies are used for all their projects, but their new showreel is definitely worth the time if you like this sort of thing: