Check out Squarespace’s Logo creator site!  They bring a very simple (but elegant) set of tools that essentially give you a logo name and a single icon. There is a library of icons which may have what people may need, the pig I used for a test OINKFROG logo was easy to pick from a selection of piggy icons (though there weren’t any frogs). I couldn’t upload my own pic, which is I guess the point – this is for people who don’t need any more complex design work – just something simple and ready to go.

Here is what I made in a few mins (PNG version with the Watermark), I definitely noticed I was thinking design thoughts as I used the tools, which font, which icon, how are they arranged etc. If I had wanted to do anything clever like have the words cut through the logo or something then I am well beyond the design remit of the tools already. I cant see how this would replace any real designer or real design need, but it has its place for someone who wants to create something clean and neat when they arent armed with a designers eye for a mini project of some sort.

While there may have been some backlash from designers there is something elegant and helpful about the idea – see their blog statement

=== EDIT

Decided to make a slight change with a teensie piggy instead of the big one – places more emphasis on the word – not sure which I prefer 🙂