The lunch conversation turned to trailers the other day, not wonky 2 wheeler rusting steel things people use to move around bits of old engines but movie and game trailers. They continue to grow as an artform drawing in lessons from advertising, shortfilm, pitches, game cinematics and more.

I find it fascinating that after we come out of a movie at the cinema there is the expected discussion of the film itself, what we liked and what we didnt etc. But there is always another discussion about the trailers. What films did the trailers inspire our thirst for? The trailer is really an advertisement, but it takes a particular form for films and games that is about making a little contained mini-story for us to watch and be engaged by. There is no narrator talking about the good qualities of the film or celebrity endorsements, instead we are invited into a glimpse of the world depicted in the film, the emotion, the characters and sometimes a few of the plot hooks as well. The trailer seeks to intrigue us and show off the quality of production, effects, acting – sell the experience!

I love a good trailer because they do these things well. So lets look at a quirky example or two just to put something in this post more interesting than my ramblings. Kung Fury is a kickstarter film project, “a visually spectacular action comedy that has its foundation in 80s cop movies” that is full of fun and energy and heaps of cool. The trailer is pure excellent:

The trailer nails the genre they are targeting for the film and clearly invested alot of money/time/energy in this bid for more funding. For a longer ‘film’ we will have to see if the characters themselves can work, but in the ‘trailer format’ that isnt so important for a film like this – great stuff!

I cant help but throw a few more trailers in here that I found most fun recently, there is some stirring stuff here (music is critical for trailers like this) – enjoy…