When I slew my iPhone I made a bold leap over to a Samsung Galaxy S4 while I wait for the S5 or maybe get the Note. This change meant finding a Googlier or Androidier way of doing lots of things. Some changes were very simple, others more interesting.

I had been using Streaks on the iPhone in a semi-vain attempt at encouraging myself to at least spend a little time each day doing things I wanted to ‘achieve’ like being Creative (Drawing, Modelling), Reading (Books, Comics), Exercising (Stairs, Walking) and so forth. But the change in device meant I could explore a new way to do this and so I have chosen to test this stations destructive power on your home planet of Alderan. No, wait I was going somewhere with that.
I thought I could test out one of the growing number of sites/apps that gamify your life in some sense, turn doing tasks into quests with XP rewards and so on.

Here are some of the options: HabitRPG (the one I chose), TaskHammer, Challenge AcceptedChore Wars, Beeminder, LifeRPG, SuperBetter and EpicWin though not all are on Android.

So, I am not sure yet whether to make Create, Exercise etc Daily tasks (current plan) or just tasks I can click on – will see how that goes. I might die alot as I certainly wont be able to do all my dailies each day. Not even close really. Well at least this blog post will check off one!!

Here is me slightly setup with some things in each section to get me started. I may have to tweak how difficult I am making things for myself if I have chosen to use it aspritionally. Maybe I just need to shift one or two daily things to Habits so I an level up faster than I am killed off.

Regardless, the first few days of gamifying a piece of my life will be interesting and hopefully fun. I havent got much ‘work’ in there and not sure that I will – this might be for everything else.