As I continue to try and squeeze in study and thinking for a Star Wars Edge of the Empire campaign, I like running across inspiration from all quarters. Today I grabbed 2 TPBs from the Kings Comics sale Star Wars Agent of the Empire Volumes 1 and 2 which will be fun as soon as I finish up Star Wars at War with the Empire Volume 2. But then I came across Star Wars 1313!

The website for Star Wars 1313 gives us an intro to the Lucasarts game that would take us deep beneath Curuscant. It appears this gritty adventure is fully on hold after Lucasarts was shutdown earlier in the year but at least the site is still up and we can see some beautiful artwork there that shows off the depth of the Star Wars universe through the hands and minds of some talented creative folk. I live the seedy, dingy, finge nature of it all, how good is that ‘fire in an astro-droid’.