We got delivery of our first ‘laptop lab’ designed more for stylus work than our usual grunty workstation laptops. The gorgeous Wacom Cintiq Companion machines will be the front lines in studio teaching where the larger screen and adaptable footprint should make quite an impression in the graphical and design classes. This first set of 26 machines will see action in the coming session and will hopefully encourage some groovy digital concept and presentation work.

Those larger Cintiq’s are something of an experiment, they are probably an artists dream, but they arent small. So it is the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 that I am seeing more of around the place here in Built Environment and UNSW in general for that matter. Many of us have done the iPad thing, but eventually become frustrated. The iPad is a super piece of hardware, but it is hampered by IOS and all those apps and thus is a good device for consuming, for looking and browsing. But to do anything purposeful or productive is a harder ask and it doesnt have the Wacom digitiser and stylus. I am setting up a Surface Pro 2 right now and it already feels faster. I will get CS6 and Office2013 etc on there in a sec as well as some games to see how the hardware copes.

You can see the SP2 next to the Companion for comparison. It may still be chunky for a tablet, but it is a full laptop as well. I am more determined to see how things like OneNote fair this time around and to switch to this device for comixology reading for a bit. I intend to learn illustrator over the summer break, so why not use the Surface for that as well.