Susie has created over the last few years a custom diary for the parents in Armidale featuring pics of their kids and grandkids and various bits of wildlife. I have been whipping up the covers and this weekend I decided to go for a cartoony version of their two little dogs – I present Teddy and Archie:

This was all done in Photoshop directly on the MS Surface Pro 2. I had a few crashes actually, so I am not sure if there are some drivers I need to play with or some other conflict. Once I had the legacy Wacom drivers in there things worked pretty well, though there were a few times where even this speedy little machine had to play catchup. I also need to take a moment at some point to tidy up the cursor registration at the edges of the screen which I was hoping would be all fixed in V2 of the groovy tabletPC.

Archie was very tricky because he is so black and in photos kinda looks like he does int eh sketch here – a black blob with shiny eyes and nose. Archie has his nice layered golden fur and they will be instantly recognisable for the oldies which is fun.