While the COFA website is light-on for content on their big annual show so far, their revitalised campus makes for an impressive stage for all the student work to be displayed. I also didn’t run across the digital or film works, if they were screening somewhere on the grounds I missed them – bummer. Anyhow the new gallery spaces and even the studios made for a pretty nifty suite of spaces to explore the various specialisations in art making from a huge set of graduating students.

The promo pic used for the COFA Annual by Kyle M Morgan is just one of a heap of their pieces and there were many other fun things showing a big range in ideas and approaches. I think my favourite set was the one in the middle below (oops didn’t record the artist’s name – Gah), anyhow they used a variety of different lollies like jaffas, marsh mallows, milk bottles, raspberry drops etc to create these quite amazing pieces that are wonderfully textural.

There were so many fascinating things I highly recommend people get down to COFA and take some time to explore all the fun before it is gone!

EDIT: COFA Annual 2013 site is now alive so you can check out the work.