ENODO’s Real-time Work
The guys at ENODO in France are “Designing Virtual Realities for Real-Life Business Applications” and using tools like CryEngine to create visualisations, simulations and more. Here is their showreel and some images from the site showing off some of their CryEngine work:

[ENODO CryEngine work via their official site]

Big Robot Procedural Worlds
Fascinating to hear the work being done by the Big Robot guys as they explore how to generate game worlds procedurally. I love the idea of taking things like Nethack to a new level – that randomised game environment but with all the latest ideas playout out. This video is of their Unite Nordic 2013 presentation where we get to see an array of cool stuff starting with the Lodestone engine that could generate an infinite voxel world for them in 2012. Then we get In Ruins which set about taking the Roguelike logic into a more lush 3D explorable world. This was the leadup to Sir, You Are Being Hunted.

Mmmm robots hunting humans for sport in an open nicely Brittish randomised world…


Mirror’s Edge Parkour Vid
Seeing these zany athletes whipping their way around a cityscape Parkour style is quite incredible. This little video by James Kingston (Ampisound) gives us a full Mirror’s Edge ride in ‘first-person’ through the roofscapes and back alleys of Cambridge. Art becomes game becomes more art…