I set out today to UV unwrap the base mk3 Monsterpiece shape and bring that into CryEngine with a texture. It turns out I had a fair bit to brush up on, learn or look up again to complete all those steps for a basic test.

First I went through the UV Mapping Workflows in 3ds Max tutorials as the last time I did this was using Maya some time ago and remembering the principles just want enough for me to actually do the deed. So bringing up the current mk3 Monsterpiece 3ds Max model I decided that I would have each hump use the same texture for this test and thus I overlaid the UVs for each section over the top of each other with the head and tail sticking out. I resized things a little so I had a bit more res on the head and exported out the UV template.

In Photoshop I quickly sketched in a rough texture and guessed at locations for the mouth, eyes, nostrils and gills and then brought that back into 3ds Max to see how it looked. I edited things few more times before it made for a passable test and exported out the .tif and .dds using the Crytif exporter.

Then I exported out the revised UV version of the geometry and brought it into the current version of the 3D loch. I ended up creating a material, when I could have generated it from Max, but once I added the right texture to the diffuse and specular I suddenly had a decent looking monster standing there proudly as the water washed back and forth.

Clearly this could be more refined and the next step is to create a much more detailed model, but I am happy that at least this process yielded a sane result.