Here at Built Environment UNSW, thanks largely to Russell Lowe’s innovative approach to the first session first year Architectural Design Course, we have a rich source of real-time explorations into design ideas. There is something so obvious about developing up a design idea digitally, then being able to move around those spaces as a person would, seeing how the light and textures work, how movement through the different areas feels and more. CryEngine has been a powerful tool in this regard as it delivers some gorgeous visuals without students needing to spend lots of time in the learning or the crafting.

I wish this concept of virtually realising a design was more entrenched in education and practice. Thankfully this ARCH1101 class uses Blogger, with each tutor and student presenting their work for us all to see. In actuality there is too much to look through in the end, but below are some examples from the recently completed course, remember these are first year students taking on a game engine in a course about design principles.

[Student work from ARCH1101 S1 2013]