When good community sites run competitions (esp the bigger ones) it is always impressive to see both individuals and teams pour such energy into the creative and production processes. Polycount recently announced the winners of their challenge titled The Escape. The big name sponsors attracted some cool entries for this ‘video game challenge’ which had loose requirements in many areas but required in-game shots from a game engine of some sort (CryEngine, UDK, Source, Unity, etc).

In the leadup to the results it was fascinating to see some of the threads giving us a peek into the progress of their ideas and then the builds. The entrants are clearly very talented people who have a pretty good grip on their craft. I like how in the WIP threads. like the one for the winners, they will post an amazing in-game image and say something like ‘these are only placeholder textures on a half finished model’ while it already looks incredible. Check out some of the entry threads to see the variety on show – it is super inspirational to see these guys generate worlds, assets, character and style in such a short time.

The first place entry, Public Enemies, is an amazing 1930s car chase with 3ds Max used to model assets for CryEngine. I think I will let these images speak for themselves – zoinks!

Here are a few teasers for other entries of note, great to see the variety and quality on display from each team.