Decided today was a good day to dive into CryEngine and mock-up a version of Loch Dreagan that might be able to form the setting for an army of cards and artwork for the game. So having not touched the Editor for a while now, I decided to give the new CryEngine tutes on Digital-Tutors a go (well the first handful that is) then dive in and see what I could generate.

I have stayed clear of vegetation so far as I try to get some good bones into the level – investing time into how the shoreline works, how the rock, pebble and various grass texture layers come together. The terrain modifier tools and the logic of painting havent changed too much since I played with them last, version seems pretty stable for this part of things at least.

Even though you dont get grass for free anymore, it comes fairly easily and with the fog things were looking very loch-like. It was interesting inserting enough realism mixes with a touch of style at this point – I am not sure yet if I should be ramping things up.

Anyhow, here are a few screengrabs as I went along.