We have had various 3D printers in the Faculty (BE) for some time now, but having the MakerBot Replicator 2 devices close at hand has allowed me to experiment far more than I had in the past. While we have better machines, the sheer accessibility has meant alot in this case. One of the technologies to watch in this area is the Mcor IRIS. This new type of 3D printer uses plain office printing paper, some glue, ink and a little cutting to create fully coloured 3D models from paper.

[Mcor IRIS 3D prints via the official site]

While there is no plastic, the system would clearly burn through paper at a rather horrific rate. The results however look simply remarkable – the idea of being able to bind together colour printed pages really delivers. While much more expensive to buy than the things like our Replicator 2s – that colour is hard to ignore.