Interesting talk at UNSW BE tonight by Martin Tamke from CITA (Centre for IT and Architecture) a research centre at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture.

He talked through a suite of their projects undertaken by staff and PhD candidates around the interface between material and the digital. Their research is all about exploring techniques that can then be applied to the design of space and structures even if their product is more art or prototype. Their process often involves digital simulation and generation followed by a build that is then scanned or analysed to validate the original computer model. We all liked this feedback loop where the digital generates the physical which then informs the digital. There is a dedication to the material in their work, bringing a ‘craft-like’ aesthetic to highly complex digitally informed geometries.

This is the more thought through, if wordy and very academic sounding way that they describe the Centre right there on the front of their website:

CITA is an innovative research environment exploring the emergent intersections between architecture and digital technologies. Identifying core research questions into how space and technology can be probed, CITA seeks to investigate how the current forming of a digital culture impacts on architectural thinking and practice.
CITA examines how architecture is influenced by new digital design- and production tools as well as the digital practices that are informing our societies culturally, socially and technologically. Using design and practice based research methods; the aim is to explore the conceptualisation, design and realisation of working prototypes. CITA consolidates new collaborations with interdisciplinary partners from the fields of computer graphics, human computer interaction, robotics, artificial intelligence as well as the practice based fields of furniture design, fashion and textiles, industrial design, film, dance and interactive arts.
By examining technology transfers between high-innovative industries, that stand on front edge in the development of new digitalised designs- and production tools, it’s our goal to create synergy between the subject’s contemporary reality and its future perspective.

Martin ran through some of CITA’s projects – here are a few pics to encourage you to swing over and check out their work. I hope they put up images of their new stuff soon, keep an eye on their FB page as well as it has some extra nice stuff.