As things hadnt been going completely to plan with the Loch Dreagan CryEngine level, I set about rebuilding the vegetation logic from the ground up. Along the way I was tweaking the TimeOfDay settings for the sun, fog, ocean, brightness, saturation and more.

Working with the built-in assets it is obviously a little easier to create a nice forest, but the various elements are translating pretty well to the foggy Loch. Now that I have a working model for the environs I will propogate things all way around and then come back in and add things like old broken walls, fish and birds, etc. Then I will spend more time on the monster modelling so I can bring some experiments into the Engine – that will be very exciting.

The image sequence below shows a progression of this area of the Loch: nicer pebbly shoreline; new grass; skybox with clouds; pebbly grass; scrub and bushes; tree testing, feature tree for the right spot, shrooms and sunrays; nestling in the new vegetation; flowers on the hillside and patchy bushes separated by grassland just like the reference images.