I completed the intro CryEngine tutes on Digital Tutors in between working on the Loch Level that will form the environment for any video or card art pieces. While I remembered lots, there were details of strange key combos that I probably wouldnt have found.

Here are a few more screen captures (have been using cfg files to help with that and experimented with stills to patch together to make video as well). I have spent time (probably too much) playing with terrain textures, blending them together along with some surface modelling to help get the effect. Vegetation has been tricky – working with Grim Grass has been good and frustrating at the same time. While it is gorgeous, I may have to find an alternative that is more consistent. You can see in the last 2 images that just turning slightly drastically changes the brightness – no idea why. One thing tutorials rarely provide is all the bits needed to solve such oddities.

I like how things are looking, esp as I try to achieve things that look something like these gorgeous reference images, the bare rocks, pebbles, dense bushes in patches etc. Apart from working these details into the entire map there is some fun to be had with fog volumes (mist hanging just above the water), rain, boids, skyboxes and all the Scottish walls and village bits and pieces.