Yesterday we headed into the darkness armed with our 3D glasses and tickets to the Entertainment Quarter Hoyts IMAX screening of Star Trek Into Darkness. Because I love to have cool films on DVD/BluRay I just don’t go and see much at the cinema to save cash. But I was so impressed – now I am a little torn as that $26 delivers a pretty epic experience. JJ delivered for us with an action romp through the perils of the Star Trek universe – was it a big commentary on American politics – who knows – but the plot was fun to see unfold with around characters we love. There were predictable pieces of course, but that works for Star Trek, and enough twists and surprises to keep us engaged.

The trailers before the film are an absolute treat for me as I have a soft spot for a good trailer. No question the Into Darkness trailer was one of the triggers for us gathering together for the film. The fact that we got together for lunch beforehand for pizza and a board game (team Flash Duel which was super fun) was another part of the lure.
The Man of Steel trailer gave me chills, can it really be that good. Other things like Pacific Rim, After Earth and such look like delivering for us.

As with the first film in this new rebooted Star Trek universe, things are different, but the cast we have for our principle characters who are all human apart from half a Spock and a few nameless extras is stellar. The 3D was wonderful, they showcased it a few times for effect, but for the most part was just part of the experience. Even the first part of the credits at the end were a 3D visual treat as we zoom around the galaxy to a host of weird and wonderful worlds. The sound in that cinema is big, loud and visceral, Giacchino’s soundtrack and the wonderfully trekky sound effects are a treat. The CG effects were top shelf – fully integrated with the live action – there are no cardboard boulders here.

All up a pretty intense Star Trek experience that stays focused on these signature characters in the context of a violent and dangerous space opera.

While we are here, how good does Romeo and Juliet look: