The Replicator 2 wasnt so happy today, I havent managed to print out an honors student’s model of the church at Firminy by Le Corbusier. She has split things up and added manual supports – but I have had several failures in the print – not sticking to the bed and other woes. I am determined to get it printed though.

In the meantime, in testing I now have even more Loch Dreagan monster pieces and they look very cool in long snakey lines. The pics below show one very long monster – that is the current length at the end of the game for each player (10 hump segments plus a tail and a head). The other pic shows a test for placing the pieces in front of cards (not these cards of course – they are from an old Ravenloft set). I like the look, it has an interesting mix of cardgame and boardgame at the moment.

Plus why stop at small models, it would be very cool to 3D print up structures. There are various approaches to this using glue, wood and types of concrete. The WikiHouse way is more like laser cutting than 3D printing, but I like the simplicity and hopefully complexity that can arise.