Had the pleasure of reading my first set of the lovingly gorgeous picture books by Australian artist/writer Shaun Tan. I got to read Eric, The Red Tree and The Lost Thing (my favourite) and loved them all. The artwork is a wonderful blend of detailed complex elements while somehow presenting a single almost isolated view of something in each dramatic frame. The paintwork, colour, texture and composition are a treat at every page turn. The quirky tales and elements have a very Studio Ghibli feel to them for me.

Here are a few images from his site from the books, if you can find them or someone who can lend them to you – you should! Check the interview on themillions.com for more insights.

[Shaun Tan picture book images via themillions.com]

Plus, so nifty is The Lost Thing, that Andrew Ruhemann and Shaun Tan directed the little fable into a 15 minute Acadamy Award Winning short film, see the details on www.thelostthing.com including the trailer, gallery and character sketches.