Yesterday I was treated with being able to watch 2 sessions/classes at the Isobel Anderson Awards. The event brings dancers at various stages of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) classical ballet curriculum together to show their stuff. The format takes students at the same grade, the classes I saw were for those that had passed their Intermediate Foundation exams. What was remarkable was how the girls (and a few boys) could learn on the fly in class new routine after routine. The teacher/instructor would just build a short dance on the fly molding it to the music and adding variations to relatively set moves all of which had French names of course. I was just in awe of how the dancers could pick up, remember and then perform with gret skill and class in such a tiny space of time — insert stunned expression here —
The finals are on Sunday where they also perform a rehearsed routine (Good luck Alicia and Morena from the Dance Spot for then, but big congrats to all the performers, I am still amazed)

After posting yesterday on the zany complexity of Mattias Adolfsson’s Sketches, it seems super relevant to post this image that Grant Imahara took on vacation of perhaps the grooviest junkpile in existence (ok salvage yard).

[Salvage yard photo by Grant Imahara via Twitter]