We have a new version of the CryEngine SDK now 3.4.4 which has as one of its key new features a new weather sim system for snow. The Sandbox has a new Singleplayer demo level now, Forest_Winter which is decked out with the full snow covered experience including new music and even Christmas trees etc. Here is the promo vid which shows just how pretty and immersive the CryEngine experience can be.

There are quite a few places in the level where the ambient dark areas are coming up too dark for my liking. my footprints are almost black which works ok where the snow looks thin as in the screenshot below, but in other areas doesnt look quite right. You can see how dark the rocks are in contrast to the snow in some of the shots, but some of the effects are just gorgeous. The floating ice is great and I felt cold falling into the water. I did want to shoot up the ice though and feel that would be doable quite easily.

Here are some screengrabs of things running on my machine, first some shots of the Forrest level, not sure if it has changed much and then of the new Forest_Winter which has the snow weather effects and extra elements throughout.