In the previous post there were lots of sketches which included other ‘working titles’ for the game. I just refer to it as Loch Maiden now, though Loch Dreagan (which sounds so cool when you try on a big Scottish accent) and may still end up being the title that I run with. There were various Valentine titles and a suite of sea faring versions. I explored translations into Celtic or Scottish languages for Monster, Dragon, Worm and other related terms which was fun.

One thing I havent fully resolved as yet is the precise game mood – how serious/comical are the characters and the world they inhabit. The sketches are in the middle of the spectrum with a big lean to the comical side. I am very wary of going too silly as it weakens some of the elements and can feel too childish, so the more recent sketches are a little edgier and I think all the better for it. I did a super fast colour underlay for a suite of the sketches as below to show how coloured monsters may look. Clearly each could use some colour variation on their skin, but for a eyes half closed and blurry take on colour I like where this is at.

After sketching board logics and how the monsters and other game elements might work together I was searching for other board games that might already have used an aquatic monster in the Loch Ness tradition (esp with the monster looping above the water). While not an exact match for the idea, there is the Loch Ness game where Nessie follows paths around the board and your goal is to snap some good photos. I havent seen the game myself, but these images via the BoardGameGeek entry show a similar logic with the board being the water surface. The colours and the extra cartoony feel arent so appropriate, but there are some cute art things here – I like the zany castles for example…

[Loch Ness game photos via BoardGameGeek]