A complete real-time environment is a vast amount of work taking in a whole range of artistic disciplines and some real technical craftsmanship.The threads by Jason Stokes on CryDev and PolyCount show off the creation of a vast environment that form a beta version of what will become online tutorials for FuturePoly at some point. The threads reveal a long and involved process beginning with some gorgeous concept artwork that is taken into explorative modelling through refinement (in-game) and final asset creation. The project uses the CryEngine and so reveals a suite of quirks that needed work-arounds or changes that will be useful for anyone using the SDK.

Visit the threads for more images and videos, but here are a few of them that show off the inspirational world of Celeryland. These images show off the concept paintings, paint-overs and in-game WIP shots and the videos show some great process to teach and inspire us all.