Picked up my first ‘worker placement’ board game to try out this mechanic and it was in the form of Rio Grande’s Stone Age (more info on BGG). The family had a great time sending our little crazy haired people out to work collecting food and resources or constructing buildings etc. While there is no direct ‘attacking’ of other players, you do get in each others way and can stop people from doing things. We certainly enjoyed it enough to play a bunch of games, but I will reserve full judgement for when we have had different groups playing- it certainly looks great on the table and has nice pieces all round (even the stone age dice cup).

[Stone Age in action photo via BoardGameGeek]

Here are two more KickStarter board games that look interesting. First up Pirates vs Dinosaurs which brings together boardgame genius Richard Launius and the gorgeous artwork of Josh Cappel. I like the idea, though KickStarter didnt get them what they need. Then Rivet Wars which will see Ted Terranova’s world come to life in a mini powered wargame – but oh so cute.