I have put in quite a few hours at various boardgame tables over the summer so far including some extremely fun games of Castle Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalon, Defenders of the Realm, Magic the Gathering and even some Warhammer 40K. Alicia and I have been tinkering with a game design together and I have several other concepts simmering along any one of which could suddenly flourish into a testable endeavour. I have to mention just how much fun our first play of The Horror of the Howling Hag adventure for Castle Ravenloft was, how much fun and laughter can be had while we fail is the mark of a very clever game.
Plus I watched Tabletop’s Alhambra last night – I hope Wil and co keep it up!

Ok, this post is meant to be about Kingdom Death. The boardgame under development by Adam Poots with a host of support from artists, sculptors and now kickstarter fans. As with other runaways, Kingdom Death on Kickstarter has nabbed over $2mil now and that is good news for not only this game, but the concept of being able to bring a gaming vision to market.

The concept of the game being a more mature cooperative survival nightmare supported by miniatures is a great start. But with some engaging ideas, gorgeous concept art and detailed mini design it looks like it will present beautifully on the table. There are some basic gameplay videos, though I hope the game flows through the phases and the various encounters as just fighting the monsters may drag the conceptual elements down.

I thought I would just include here a set of image pairs that show how lovingly the concept art has been translated into the sculpts – inspiring stuff – go to the main site to see so much more.

[Kingdom Death art and miniature sculpts via the main website – compiled together]