One thing that the Crytek engine is famous for is the visual fidelity that it can muster is gorgeous real-time. While mortals may struggle to develop assets of the quality on display in the new tech demos for CryEngine 3 and the early 2013 Crysis 3 – the Crytek wizards have crafted some simply remarkable visuals – and it is all in realtime dont forget.

[CryEngine 3 promo screengrab via the official site]

First up the Crysis 3: Powered by CryEngine 3 Tech Demo where we see the sheer splendour that can come  pouring forth from the CryEngine. The environment is richer, denser, more detailed and inviting than ever before and the inhabitants integrate with that environment and just look remarkable all on their own.
Add to this some of the other details shown off in the following videos and you can see why we love this engine.