It would seem we are in revolutionary times when it comes to what were once humble boardgames. There are the very old games like Chess, Go and a horde of card games, the classics like Monopoly and Risk but now a whole armada of clever games armed with new production values and clever mechanics to make the gameplay so much better than it has ever been before. So while digital games are really doing incredible things with today’s hardware and software – in the background we have a new renaissance on the tabletop.

The GamerChris blog has a nice set of posts that cover boardgame basics in this new world as well as theme, mechanics, conflict, cooperation and the role of luck (Boardgame Basics: An Introduction to Modern Boardgames). Gaining impetus from the German/European passion for boardgames we now have the likes of Mice & Mystics, SmallWorld and Defenders of the Realm.

[Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures pic from the GamerChris blog]

Tonight we will make our first foray into Descent 2E

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