The shiny new Unity 4 engine is poised to be released and we have the first demo of the new capabilities in the form of The Butterfly Effect short film. Passion Pictures have teamed up with Unity to create this real-time rendered little film which clearly push things pretty far with a dramatic sequence with nice visuals for this engine. The directx11 effects, lighting and such really help here as well as some nice camera animation.

Here we have stills, the film plus a making_of video:

[Promo images from The Butterfly Effect via the Unity site]

The winged critter theme doesnit end there though. Massive Black have spun together a fascinating little world using Unity 3.5 where you are a moth and can control a ‘body’. The result is a confusing little realtime level you can download to play which has plenty of little flaws but is still a pretty groovy thing – here is Mothhead:

[Mothhead screenshots]

While neither of these projects are particularly relevant to my Moths v Butterflies work, esp now that I am keen to do a board game with the world at present. That said, I did enjoy using Unity for my Cartographer project and it still has merit. In a real-time world I would want my butterfly or moth avatars to fly much more smoothly than we see here in Mothhead, it doesn’t feel natural here, the world is very cool, but the controls awkward.