The simply splendid work of the Aardman stop motion gang continues with their latest epic The Pirates! Band of Misfits. Watching on DVD today is a pretty jaw dropping, trying to imagine just how they manage to create all the incredible elements that come together to make something that isnt just fun, but a work of creative art.

There are a set of behind-the-scenes special features (plus a few more on my JB HiFi version) which take us into the various worlds of the voice actors, the model maker, animators, sound, music and more. Films are grand ventures in teamwork and this is no exception, with a whole crew of people bringing their own individual brialliances together just so we can be entertained.

These are some of the official images and production shots (via CinemaBlend) that show off the production values and design talent.

[The Pirates! Band of Misfits images via CinemaBlend]

The film is overflowing with little details, from the characters and sets and ships – to a myriad of side jokes and set elements that flavour each sequence. Whether we get a zany name for a local pub in the background of a shot, or a painting on the stairs – there is detail (funny detail) everywhere which goes to enhance the character of the film at every turn.

The DailyMail article has some more great images from the production as well as the finished product:

[The Pirates! Band of Misfits images via the DailyMail]