Family had super seats for Cirque du Soleil OVO yesterday afternoon as I am pretty sure I spent the majority of the show with my mouth hanging open. The insect theming really suited the circus acrobatics and so much attention went into this side of things that the spectacle was all the more memorable. Having all the different parts of the troupe as different types of insect with the grand costumes let us talk about our particular favourite elements or parts of the show, be it the spiders, firefly, crickets, ants etc etc. All the little insecty movements that the performers use throughout their routines and as they move/dance about the stage helps cement this illusion for us.

[Cirque du Soleil OVO images via the official site]

The storyline characters were lotsa fun as well and with the complex music and lighting to draw it all together I couldnt recommend the show enough! It is quite inspirational to see a whole set of people this dedicated to their craft that they are this exceptional at what they do (makes me feel a little inadequate actually 🙂

I dont actually want to fill this post with videos etc actually as I quite liked being surprised on the day and dont want to spoil things for anyone who might read this. The main OVO site does have a suite of videos that explore the costume design and such – seeing behind the scenes is something I really enjoy.