I wish I had been plugged into the right info at the time, so I could have popped into the city and seen these classic LEGO trees and flowers. They are certainly iconic and super playful at any scale as you can see in these images from the Festival of Play with the LEGO forest in Martin Place back in April. I think having a set of these in my front yard would look stunning!

[LEGO Forest in Sydney for Festival of Play]

There are plenty of sets of LEGO that I wish I could sit there on the shelf for all to admire. The one I have been drooling over most is from the Star Wars range, the AT-AT Walker (set 8129) which would just look superb proudly standing there.

[LEGO set 8129 AT-AT Walker]

While that would be cool, how about this masterpiece by Rocko which is a stunning rendition of the classic walker (even if it isnt articulated)

[Custom LEGO AT-AT Walker by Rocko via Flickr]

The Brick Life’s Lego Australia – Where To Buy Cheap Lego page keeps us up to date on where to get LEGO at a sane price here in Oz.

Actually, maybe a star destroyer might be the ultimate kit – look at all that light grey (3100 pieces in the 10030 kit) See groovy pics of GABURU’s kit.

[ LEGO Star Destroyer 10030 pic via GABURU]