Wilkinson Eyre Architects have won the World Building of the Year prize at the World Architecture Festival for their Gardens by the Bay tropical garden in Singapore. This is a piece of architecture enlivened by the plants both inside and out to create a pretty impressive set of spaces that I would have loved to have been open when we visitied Singapore just 2 years ago – would have been a great escape from the heat.

I like Paul Bakers comments here “Look at everything with a fresh pair of eyes and try and investigate it from every possible aspect. And the idea of proper collaborations, not one genius idea but actually working through the problem and solving it and collectively making appropriate brilliant architecture is what is should be about.” Collaboration and teamwork is intrinsically tricky, but when done well yields gorgeous results.

DeZeen have good coverage of the architecture and the World Architecture Festival (including other winners) with a slew of gorgeous imagery showing off the design thinking and the realisation.

 [Gardens By The Bay by Grant Associates and Wilkinson Eyre Architects via DeZeen]