Here are a handful of recent community additions to CryEngine3 that give us more capability and beauty over and above all the joy we get from the base SDK. I will give all of these a try in the next day or so as well.

GrimDesigns Grass 1.0
A small suite of gorgeous grass options that are sure to add lush variety to many a level (news) – super work by the-grim (forum link)

[CryEngine Grass v1 images by the_grim via the CryDev forums]

Phunkman Vegetation
This is another set of stunning vegetation, this time by phunkman. Two threads to drool over, Grass and Plants plus Vegetation – I really want to be able to do this!. (link)

[CryEngine Plants and Vegetation by phunkman via the CryDev forums] 

Hendrikp Video Player
Yes, multiple videos with a heap of features all running live in the game – great stuff and awesome that the community just keeps creating goodies like this for us all. (link)