One of my favourite movies is the stunning realisation of the imagined worlds of Dr Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who. So when the Despicable Me gang took on The Lorax – we were destined to have something nifty emerge. While this lovely little film may not live up to the lofty heights of these ancestors there is plenty to like and it certainly carries its message with grace.

The ability to bring the zany worlds of Dr Seuss to life with 3D CG films like this is beautiful, the wonky architecture, the odd proportions and all the fur and fluffybits. Combine that with the animation and sound that goes well beyond where the illustrations left off and we are fully transported into this world to ride the emotions and the meaning behind the poetic words.

[The Lorax imagery via the official site]

Apart from the main message about our environment and rampant consumerism, there are other threads here that are quite clever. I like the Gran character, showing how cool and wily a grandparent can be (esp with Betty White voicing here).

Have a look at these few pieces of Craig Elliot concept art for the film, beautifully capturing some of the original art essence while expanding and filling in the detail – love the buildings.

[The Lorax concept art by Craig Elliot via his site]

Oh and I want one of Ted’s one wheeler scooter motorbike thingoes…

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